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Create a healthy relationship with Your Self!

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Learn to be your own best friend, and you have a friend for life.


In my practice as a Heart Centered Coach I see how the root cause of so many challenges for my clients is the inner dialogue they have when we first meet. Athletes are already extremely aware of the power and importance of their inner dialogue, and the same is true for each one of us: the healthier your inner dialogue, the healthier your life is.

The Best Friend Journal is an easy way to develop a built-in success coach that brings the best out of you and quickly make you feel happier as you become more in control of your reactions to the events of your life: Let’s face it challenges happen to everyone. It’s how you deal with challenges that makes the difference between a confident person and one who is not: Confident and happy people just have healthier inner dialogue and use challenges to their advantage.

One of my professional athlete, who admitted at first resisting the idea of doing the Best Friend Journal, told us of how much of a difference the Best Friend Journal has had on her results: in the midst of a race, if she makes the wrong move or falls behind, having that ‘built in best friend’ makes all the difference in the world on her performances with the added benefit of having a lot more fun. She also sees the rippling effect of this new healthy inner dialogue in the rest of her life including her relationships and how much happier she is about being herself.

We cannot expect the world around us to be willing to love and support us more than we are willing to love and support ourselves, can we? By learning to be your most loyal advocate you have access to inner nurturing that dissolves anxiety, fear, stress and allows you to take chances in living your dreams.

And that is often all that it takes to change your whole life from one that is lonely and challenging to one that feels lighter and so much more fun!

So let’s get you started: Just download your free Best Friend Journal and print it to make it easy to keep by your side and write in whenever feels right during the day. Or keep it on your phone or computer. All you need is about 5 minutes a day for 30 days: don’t wait for others to give you what ultimately only you can give to your self!

It’s been said that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. 30 days of ‘training’ in becoming your new best friend will anchor this new inner dialogue and provide powerful transformation by helping you to ‘wake up’ and becoming conscious of how you speak to your self.

All you need is about 5 minutes a day for 30 days: don’t wait around for others to give you what ultimately only you can give to your self!

Download your FREE Best Friend Journal